Childood Hopes


About a month ago I went back to my parents house in the country where my family still resides. It’s the house where I spent most of my childhood and teenage years. I was rummaging through the dusty bookshelves to find a good book to read, instead I found an old book from my childhood.

This is a story that I used to repeatedly read when I was a kid (don’t remember my exact age then). The story is basically about a young girl named Alissa that likes to read and learn, but she’s poor and doomed to a future of being an uneducated slave. She’s forced to leave her village and go to the city to work for a mean man and his merciless wife. Then she works for a woman in a clothes shop with five other girls for long tiring hours. One day, a regular customer, a tall pretty lady, takes interest in Alissa after a situation that showed Alissa’s trustworthiness. The lady decides to take Alissa to live in her house and make sure she gets a good education and live a happy life.

I remember reading this before going to bed. Although I knew how the story ends, I kept reading it almost every night. I would feel genuinely happy for Alissa every time I read the last page of the book. I think I liked this story because it gave me hope. It gave me hope that eventually justice will be done and everyone will get their happily ever after. If only we remain as innocent and optimistic as we were when we were kids.


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