Blog’s First Anniversary

Yesterday was my blog’s first anniversary. I didn’t expect that Bumps In The Road Of Life will continue to this day.

The reason why I started this blog is that I felt an obligation to share the lessons I learn in life and give advice to people who might be going through similar experiences. I am really glad I took the step of creating a blog and becoming committed to writing on it regularly. I am even happier to see that the number of views and followers increases everyday. This blog also helped me to get through the dark days during the past year; it became the crutch I lean on when I am going through a difficult situation.

I want to thank all my followers; you are amazing readers and writers. I also wanna say that WordPress is such a great site. Everyone here is really friendly and supporting.

Hope this will continue to be an inspiring blog for everyone.
Thank you all.
Have a nice one!



Last week I went to the orthodontist to remove my braces.  After almost four years, I am finally not a metal mouth. Now I can smile and laugh with confidence without covering my teeth with my hands (yes, I used to do that).


I was 9 years old when my permanent teeth set was complete. I have a small jaw and that’s why my teeth were overcrowded. When I used to smile in photos and then see my crooked teeth I’d become so self-conscious about it. When I was 11 I stopped smiling in all my photos. I went to the orthodontist when I was 17 to get my braces. It took almost four years to be finished. It was a long painful process. I am lucky my orthodontists were great friendly people.

After I got my braces I still wouldn’t show my teeth in photos. After eleven years of hiding my smile I am finally able to smile to the camera. To be honest, I am still trying to get used to it; I find it hard to smile a full smile when my photo is being taken.

I am not writing this post to show off or anything. I just want to say that I regret not smiling confidently for ten years just because my teeth were crooked or because I had a metal device inside my mouth. Who cares if your teeth aren’t as perfect as Hollywood celebrities’?? You’re not hurting anyone if you smiled with a set of imperfect teeth. Be confident and show the world your smile. It doesn’t matter if your teeth are overcrowded, gapped, or you have and under bite.  All that matters is you smile, because your smile is always beautiful.

20something profile: Ola

My 20something profile on “20somethings in 2014”.
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20somethings Blog

the-road-not-takenThis post was written by Ola, a 21-year-old girl from Egypt:

I graduated college in June of 2013 with a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. Since my graduation, I’ve been nothing but a lost soul searching for its real purpose in the world and the true meaning of its life. At first, I was like any other college graduate looking everywhere for a job or rushing to apply to as many grad schools as they can. It went on for about six frustrating months until I realized I was moving in the wrong direction.

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