Can I Join You?

When it comes to family,  people sometimes say “you need to be in their lives”, but they don’t mean just living with them in the same place. You need to engage in their world.

I have three brothers, and everyone of us has different interests. If we’re gonna rely on common activities to spend time together, then we might not see each others at all. It’s sometimes not enough to find a particular activity that you both enjoy and then set a date to do it together. That might be good for little bonding, but can you do better? Of course!

Instead of focusing too much on yourself and whether you’re gonna enjoy doing a specific activity with your sibling/child, you should join them in what they’re already doing. Yes I know that sometimes what they like  is boring to you, but if you want to truly be in their lives you should show some interest in what they’re doing and join them.

Think about how this will affect them. They will definitely enjoy it and appreciate you giving some of your time to join them and see what they like to do. And who knows? You might enjoy that specific activity as well. Life is not just about ourselves and doing what we like to do. What’s the point if we’re not gonna share it with the people we love?



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Let It Go

No, this is not a post about the song from the Disney movie. This is about life. It’s about one of the hardest lessons you’ll learn. Letting go. Moving on.

The human’s life is made of consecutive stages. First, you’re a toddler: unaware of the world around you and still learning and exploring. Then you grow a little, but still a kid. Life is still great. You only see the good things in the world and the good things in people. You’re innocent, pure, full of life, and simply happy. Then comes puberty and teenage. You see the ugliness of the world for the first time. You see everything as it really is. It becomes hard for you to believe that there’s any goodness left. Then you go into your twenties. You’re an adult, but with a young spirit. You’re still reckless, maybe a little irresponsible, but expected to be fully mature. A dilemma; a state of confusion. Making it into the real world is scary. You face challenges and end up in unpredictable situations.

The hardest change is becoming an adult. In the first three phases you change without your will. Your body forces you to move from one stage to another. But during adulthood your body stays the same for a while and your mind and personality develop. This is where we choose whether to grow up and move on or get stuck in the ‘young and immature’ phase. It is very tempting to live a late teenage.  You ask yourself “why do I have to grow up?” “why do I have to be responsible? I like it that way!” . But unfortunately you can’t stay like that for too long. You have to let it go and move on at some point. Maybe you don’t feel it now, but when you’re forty and look at yourself in the mirror and see the wrinkles starting to appear, you will know that it’s not a joke anymore. So yeah, it is hard to leave the life of  ‘careless, young, and free’, but this is how things happen. If you refused to become a teenager and decided to stay a kid forever, do you think this will work? It’s the same thing for adulthood.

I am in my 21st year of life and I’ve been suffering from adulthood blues. I just couldn’t imagine leaving the fun life of being a college student and becoming a responsible adult with a full-time job. But I learned it the hard way. Apparently, every one around you will move on and you’ll find yourself stuck in a weird place. You can’t be teenager, and you won’t allow yourself to be an adult either. So to avoid the confusion and depression, I suggest you just get it over with and accept the harsh reality.  Maybe adulthood has it’s advantages, and maybe you will still be able to have fun. So don’t forbid yourself from seeing what life has in store for you. Wish you all a happy life.

Peace and love.