Why I Am NOT Against Fat Acceptance

I know you are probably thinking “She talks about being healthy, she said that she lost weight, she wrote about how wonderful it is to be fit, and now she says she’s with the Fat Acceptance Movement?”

Why not?

At the beginning I was surprised that such a movement exists and was against the whole thing. Still, I decided to learn more about it and understand the reasons behind why people would support and accept being overweight or obese.

First, I want to give you my earlier point of view. I was obese as I mentioned before in my posts and I hated it. All I could think of was that ‘fat’ equals ‘bad’, and by bad I mean everything in your life. I thought that everyone who’s fat is miserable. When I started to change my lifestyle I also, gradually, started to become judgmental of fat people. I’d say to myself “these people are lazy” “why don’t they get up and exercise” “I lost weight, they can do it too, there’s no excuse!”. But the truth is, there are many reasons why someone can become overweight/obese. Maybe it’s a thyroid issue, or they’re on a medication that causes weight gain, or they have faced an emotional trauma and are using food as comfort…etc. It’s not just about laziness, it’s much deeper than that. We don’t know the stories of the people we meet whether they’re strangers or friends. It’s mean and shallow to think that just because this person is fat he or she is a slob.

So what made me change my mind? I watched videos and debates about fat acceptance. I also read many blog posts about the matter. The point was to hear the opinions of the people who support the movement. I am lucky to be short with small body frame, which made me only look just overweight when in fact I was obese. Because of that half of the problems that fat people face weren’t in my everyday life. I wasn’t aware of how they really feel so I had to listen to their stories. Overweight/obese people go through a lot. Being fat is hard in many ways. Think about it, having to walk everyday in the streets knowing that people will be staring, going shopping with your much lighter friends, buying two seats in a plane because you can’t fit into one, and many other things. These people are brave to go through all this every day. But why do they have to? Why can’t we just treat them like everyone else? Acceptance is all what these people need, it’s all what this is about.

Some people might say “It’s unhealthy! You’re promoting obesity!”. Well, all what I want to promote is equality. I know that being overweight/obese can cause many diseases and health problems, but if they’re really concerned about “health” then why are they just picking on fat people when thin people can have eating disorders too? This is not about health as some might claim, this is about some image formed by the media and shoved down society’s throat. They’re only concerned about how they look. If you’re fat, you’re unhealthy. But if you’re thin, that automatically makes you a healthy person regardless of your diet and lifestyle. I’ve seen plenty of skinny people who eat crap everyday and don’t move at all. I’ve also seen fat people who take care of their bodies. If you really care about people’s health then you better start bashing skinny people about their anorexia as you do with obese people about their overeating! We should not judge others based on their weight, whether they’re skinny or fat.

What I want to say is that we have to accept people the way they are. Fat shaming is a form of discrimination. The only difference is that it is an ok-kind of discrimination. Besides, it does not help spreading health awareness, it only spreads hate. We should stop it. Fat, skinny, curvy, built, slim..etc are all human at the end.


2 thoughts on “Why I Am NOT Against Fat Acceptance”

  1. Love this! I’m with you. I haven’t struggled with my weight, but I support the fat acceptance movement because no one should be treated as if they are unworthy because of their looks

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