Quick Advice: Keep A Notebook

Sometimes we don’t have someone to talk to, and other times we just want to talk to ourselves to find the roots of a specific problem. While keeping a journal is important and very helpful for many reasons, you also need to keep a small notebook for certain times.

If you are going through a tough time in your life or there’s too much going on and you want to do something to help you understand what’s happening and why you’re reacting like that towards it, I suggest you buy a small notebook and some colored pens and do the following.
1- Write down the problem.
2- Ask yourself the question you want to find the answer for and write it down.
3- Start writing any ideas you think might be the answer.
4- Write down your feelings in form of scattered words.
5- Draw diagrams, cartoon…etc that can express your emotions.
6- Use the colored pens according to the mood that the words indicate.
7- Keep writing, drawing, asking yourself questions, and answering it until you feel better and reach the answer to you problem.
8- Keep that notebook to use it later.

Make this notebook your friend. Trust me it will help you.


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