A Month Without Coffee

As I mentioned in the post My Detoxing Experiment, I’ve decided to quit coffee. Today marks the end of my first month without my favorite drink. Since I became totally caffeine free, I thought it might be a good idea to try a cup today to see how it will affect me. Well first, before I tell you what happened I am going to share with you how things went during the past month.

The past month

The reasons why I decided to quit are mentioned in the above post. And how did I quit? I did it Cold turkey. I know it’s not the right way but I just felt like this way would suit me more. The first two weeks were the worst. I am a coffee lover, meaning that I love its aroma in the morning and my breakfast will not be complete without it. I also used to occasionally drink an afternoon cup of Turkish coffee or espresso. I hated the caffeine but I loved the coffee, and since it was a part of it (please don’t even suggest decaf) I had to get used to it. Apparently it affected my body badly, but I was already addicted to coffee and didn’t notice. So the first two weeks I was a zombie. I craved the smell, the taste, I wanted my morning cup! And because I couldn’t have it I didn’t feel like eating breakfast, so I skip it. Then comes lunch, still no appetite. I’d have a quick snack though. Even when it’s time for dinner I still don’t feel like eating a full meal. Then when it’s late at night I start to get hungry, so I eat anything there. Few bites from this, few bites from that, but not a decent meal. So my eating pattern was disrupted and my diet was destroyed, and I’d end up with only 400 to 600 consumed calories. I also would feel tired and fatigued through out the day. Those were the withdrawal symptoms. And because I suffered from these symptoms I was glad I actually made the decision to quit drinking coffee. During the third week I started to eat more, and by the time it was the fourth week I was eating breakfast again. Now I completely recovered from the caffeine withdrawal.


I thought that a cup in the morning wouldn’t hurt, I mean what’s the worst that can happen? More visits to the restroom? So I made the stupid decision and prepared my (used to be) usual 8oz of black coffee. I had it with breakfast, and to be honest I didn’t feel anything special when I drank it. I missed the smell though, that was the best part. Anyway, half an hour after I finished breakfast I felt dehydrated. I had to drink about two cups of water to quench my thirst. Then two hours later my stomach started to get upset. Three hours in and the madness begun. I felt my heart beats started to increase, and I’d suddenly feel like I can’t breathe. I became very tense. I started to move back and forth, I felt like running fast and jumping off a cliff. It took me two hours to get back to normal. I had no idea that caffeine can do that to me. Bear in mind that my diet is caffeine free; I don’t consume any soft drinks, tea, energy drinks…etc. Coffee (before I quit it) was the only source of caffeine in my diet. So yeah, the dose today was too much for me.

The conclusion

It was a good decision to quit coffee. Will I ever drink it again? Probably yeah, but it will be occasional and something like a latte or a cappuccino, nothing stronger than that. I might even go for decaf. By the way, regular consumption of decaf coffee (as far as I know) is unhealthy, but since it will be something occasional I might try it. But I have to admit that it saddens me to know that my favorite drink could do all this to my health. I’ve always loved coffee and still do, but I have to let go, it’s for the best. What a tragic love story…

P.S: I have no idea what I’m gonna do with a 200g jar of my favorite instant coffee, a bag of instant coffee sachets, a jar of Arabica ground coffee, and a jar of Robusta ground coffee sitting in the kitchen cupboard.


2 thoughts on “A Month Without Coffee”

  1. What a wonderful and interesting post. It was interesting to see your perspective on cutting off coffee, as you’d stated, “cold turkey.” I would like to know how you are faring without it now, unless you’ve started drinking it again.

    1. Hi there 🙂
      First, thanks for stopping by to read my post. Second, to answer your question I actually did start drinking coffee again, BUT I limit myself to only one cup per week. I decided to start drinking coffee again only because I couldn’t bear the idea of giving it up forever. So now I get to enjoy coffee and appreciate every sip without being dependent on caffeine.

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