My Detoxing Experiment

Three weeks ago I started a detoxing experiment. Weeks before that I wasn’t exactly eating healthy and I stopped exercising. I also gained 4 kgs (about 9 lbs) and I was afraid I am going back to my old unhealthy habits. So I decided to change again, but I needed something to signal to my body that this is the beginning of a new phase. I wanted to detox and clean my digestive system from the impurities, and this was my plan:

Day 1: Fast and drink only cleansing drink
Day 2: Start eating again. Only fruits.
Day 3: Fruits and vegetables.
Day 4: Fruits, vegetables, and carbohydrates.
Day 5: Fruits, vegetables, carbohydrates, and fats/oils.
Day 6: Fruits, vegetables, carbohydrates, fats/oils, and proteins.
Day 7: Fruits, vegetables, carbohydrates, and fats/oils, proteins, and dairy products.

So you see the pattern here; every day I introduce a new food group to my body. I thought this would be a suitable way to teach my body about the different food groups and how to enjoy real food again. As for the cleansing drink, it was basically lemon, orange, and mint water. So, you’re probably wondering now how this went. Well, it was HORRIBLE!!

First day: I was starving and had no energy to do anything. And let’s not forget that I was not to drink coffee for the rest of the week. Beside that the cleansing drink is plain disgusting. I admit that this experiment was the silliest thing I’ve ever attempted.
Second day: I lost a kilo (2.2 lbs) in just one day (of course water weight). I was happy to be eating food again, but it wasn’t enough to provide me with my daily energy requirement.
Third day: I decided to quit coffee for good, because I noticed how I craved it and how I felt crappy in the morning if I didn’t have my usual cup. I don’t want to be addicted to any food or drink.
Fourth day: I was finally eating carbohydrates again. I was very happy, and I had more energy.
The rest of the days were the same.

Overall, this was an unpleasant experience and I don’t think I’ll ever attempt it again. I also do NOT recommend it. But I won’t lie to you, I did learn few things during that week.

1) I learned the importance of eating not only a healthy diet, but a balanced one too. The human body needs ALL the food groups in the right amounts. So the low-carb diets and things like that are dumb! I also learned to introduce more greens to my diet to help digestion and clean the colon. I used to love carbs the most, but now I appreciate each food group.

2) Coffee is bad for you! Although I love it more than anything in the world, I have to admit that it’s not good for your body. Some of the withdrawal symptoms I had: fatigue, loss of appetite, mood swings. I will probably drink coffee again, but I’ll make it occasional. So yeah, goodbye morning cup!

Now I am back to my healthy habits and feel better. I lost 3 kgs (about 7 lbs) in the past two weeks.


3 thoughts on “My Detoxing Experiment”

  1. I agree, food is so necessary! I tried the whole master cleanse thing in college and it was tough. When I’m trying to detox, I rely on lemon water (or mint, oranges, berry infused water) and ginger tea along with eating clean.

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