Chasing Perfection

Some of us are perfectionists. A perfectionist is someone who wants everything in his/her life to be perfect. Not just everything, but also everyone. Little do they know that they themselves aren’t perfect. Even if you tend to do everything in a seemingly flawless way, you can never make it perfect. We are human beings and that’s who we are: we make mistakes. Life itself isn’t perfect. Nothing is perfect.

Chasing perfection can only bring you misery. It can leave you disappointed in many situations, such as in work, relationships…etc. The reason for this is that you are looking for something that doesn’t exist. You are looking for faultless things or people. There is nothing wrong with wanting to be happy or wanting to have great friends or to have the best house in the neighborhood, it’s just that you have to be realistic about it.

I have to admit that I was a perfectionist, a stubborn idealistic perfectionist. I would get mad if things didn’t go as I planned or someone doesn’t do things my way. I’d throw the “imperfect” people out of my life and look for someone who has it all. I’d leave a work-group if they won’t follow my instructions or do what I suggest. And when I wouldn’t be able to get rid of those people or workmates, I’d keep it to myself and end up with accumulated anger inside me. Not healthy at all! It used to make me stressed and ready to blow up any second. I’d leave no room for negotiation. Even if I pretended to hear what people say, in the end I do what I want. I ended a friendship with someone and was about to do it again with another person for this reason. It affected me and my life generally.

The solution for my problem was learning how to be flexible and tolerate others. Things will not always go our way, and we have to be okay with it. We have to accept the little imperfections in our lives. And most importantly, we have to accept the flaws in other people. At the end of the day those “imperfections” and “flaws” are what makes our life different and what makes us special. I learned to listen to other people’s opinions and see what they have to offer. Maybe if I tried things their way it would be better this time. I learned to not get frustrated when certain situations don’t end up the way I planned or pictured in my head. I also learned to love people the way they are and accept the fact that they have flaws just like me. I don’t have to change them to fit my list of high expectations, because I wouldn’t want someone to compare me to a list either. I started to look at my own flaws and see what I can improve instead of criticizing others. All in all, it had good results. I don’t stress about every single detail in my life or my relationship with others around me anymore. I don’t have to pile anything inside me because now I listen and tell my honest opinion. But this doesn’t mean I don’t do my best at work, or let people treat me as a doormat. You have to work hard in your life to get what you want and look hard to find the people you want to be with. Just be realistic when you’re doing it, and accept the results.

Remember, we all make mistakes and we all have flaws. Life isn’t perfect and things won’t always go your way. But if you learned to accept things and people the way they are, you won’t end up being a miserable selfish lone. You will be happy and grateful. You will finally see your life as being perfect.


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