Living In The Moment

A lot of times we dwell in the past or keep worrying about the future, then we wonder why we’re not happy with our lives. We seem to be focusing on only two aspects: the past and the future, forgetting that the present exists. This is called missing out on life. Then what is the present? And how is it important?

Let’s start with the past. The past is the part of your life that already happened which you can’t change anything about, or the time that passed from your life that you can never get back. We all make mistakes, and that’s normal. We’ve all done things in the past that we regret and wish we can undo, but that can never happen. Does that mean we should sit and cry about it? Does it mean we should dwell in it and forget the life going on right now? No and no! The only two things we can use the past for are either learning from our mistakes or remembering the good memories. If you used the past for anything other than those two you are sure to be opening the door for misery in your life.

Moving on to the future. The future is the part of your life that is yet to come and you are in control of. A lot of us keep thinking about it, stressing out, and worrying about how their lives are going to be in the future. I am guilty of this. Back in high school I remember that 80% of my thoughts were about the future and NOT in a positive way. If you are not going to actually do something about it then you better off not thinking about it. The future should be used as a source of hope and dreams coming true. It should affect you positively, making you a determined hard worker. Other than that, again, no need to bring the subject up.

What about the present? The present is now. The present is what’s going on. The present is the happening. The present is your life! It is going to be your past and what your future will be. So in order to be satisfied with your life you have to live in the present. Make the best out of it. Even if you made mistakes, it’s ok. But you go to live the moment. That’s what you should think of; the present. You have to be thankful that you are alive and still can do plenty of things. You should be grateful for all that surrounds you at this very moment, whether it’s your family, friends, the house you live in, a job you have…etc. Because after all what matters is how you feel right now.

So what is the relation between the three of them? The present is what you make now that someday will be a memory. That’s when your past will be just some experiences you had in life that allows you to learn, grow, and change. Also what you make right now is your way of building a bright future, the one you’ve always been dreaming of. Learning from your past allows you to live a better present and in turn leads to a better future. So use the past in a positive way and work in your present for the future. At the end, I want you to take a deep breath and ponder the moment instead of stressing out about your future or crying over spilled milk.

Wish you all a joyful life.


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